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Filling and labeling machines

JK-Machinenbau is a company dealing in the production of filling, labeling and capping machines for the food, the cosmetics and the chemicals industries. Our machinery has the ATEX certificates and is applicable for loading liquid, semi-liquid and pasty. Moreover, it can be used with corrosive, explosive and flammable substances as well. Any and all types of bottles and containers work with automatic filling and labeling machines produced by our company. They can be made of metal, plastics and glass, and can have the capacity from 2 ml up to 20 litres.

We have a long experience in delivering these tools to manufacturing plants in Europe and the world. Our filling and labeling machines can be either full or semi-automatic, depending on the type of product our customers need. They offer a great resistance to the passage of time and wearing down because of the high quality materials used for their preparation. We appreciate our customers’ opinions which is why we listen intently to their suggestions and the advice. JK-Maschinenbau always strives to produce outstanding and dependable machines.

Filling machines

We offer highest quality in semi or fully automatic bottle filling machines for liquid products. They are suitable for various kinds of liquids, even explosive and inflammable media. Our semiautomatic machines need only simple supervision without complex training for the operators. If high performance production is required, we recommend our most innovative fully automatic filling lines.
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Labeling machines

Our wide range of labeling machines consists of full and semiautomatic models and is offered according to customer’s individual needs. For smaller production batches our extremely flexible semiautomatic labeling machines are recommended. In case of an industrial scale of production, fully automatic labeling machines will accomplish the needs not only in regard to speed and capacity.
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