MF-PBH-600 (400)

Fully automatic filling machine for 5-Gallons bottles


The fully automatic filling machine MF-PBH-600 (400) is designed for washing, filling, capping and labeling 5-Gallons bottles with diverse diameter and height.

Technical data:

Output: up to 600 pieces /h (or 400 pieces/h)
Volume of bottles: 5 Gallons (19 litres)
Cap type: Standard, push on cap. Closure size: 58mm
Product: Non-carbonated drinking water
Power consumption: 28.0 kW+ 72kW for heating
Power supply: 400 V/50 Hz 3,8 – 4,9 m³/h at min. 0,2 MPa (for washing and spraying) +
Water consumption: 12 m³/h for 1 pre-washing section (24 m³/hour with second optional section)
Air consumption: Ca. 70 m³/h bei min. 0,5 MPa
Weight: Ab 3800kg
Dimensions: According to layout

Type of construction and technology:

All machine parts and components are made of stainless steel AISI 304.
The working zone is protected with coverings.

The simple construction of the machine ensures easy cleaning of all components.

Furthermore the equipment can be designed according to the customers’ special requests.

Functional description:

After manual arrangement of the bottles upside down on the conveyor the complete process is taking place automatically.

The bottle is rinsed treated water, next moved to dripping and washed with a hot washing solution. After that the bottle is rinsed again by treated water and finally rinsed by ozonized water.
The bottle is automatically dried and transported to filling and capping. After that closed bottles are transported to the heating tunnel and finally to the discharge conveyors.

Beispiel: 5 Gallonen Flasche

MF BPH 600 – Gesamtansicht