AU-10 2R

Automatic packing line AU-10

The automatic packing line consists of a through pass tunnel TF600/400/1000 and automatic packing machine AU-10. It’s designed for industrial-scale in multi-row system, packing in thermo-shrinkable foils of different kinds of single products such as bottles or jars in bulk containers, cumulative packages or, after its adjustment, products of different shapes.

The machine automatically receives single products from a belt conveyor coming from a previous device set in the technological line, groups and encloses the products into cumulative packages in the foil and shifts them to receiving table. The ready package is transported on a conveyor belt to the heating chamber, where after foil shrink-wrapping and passing through cooling system the package is delivered to the reception table. The whole process is fully automatic and does not require man participation.

This machine is a perfect solution for industrial-scale production. It eliminates problems connected with small work capacity of traditional packing techniques and significantly reduces production process. It’s adjusted to clients’ requirements and is available in a left or right version.

The packing line is equipped with a microprocessor control system, cumulative package counter, non -contact servo-motor position system, and fault and break-down detector. The introduction of a permanent thermal welder and automatic foil unwrapping system allows acceleration and higher standard of efficiency of the packing process. The Standard version of this packing line is equipped with a grouping system to pack products in two rows. There can be installed a grouping system in three and four rows on client’s request.

Technical data:

Power supply: 3 × 380 V 50 Hz
Compressed air: min. 0,6 MPa
Air demand: up to 14 m3 / h
Utilization power: ~ 9,5 kW
Weld length: 600 mm
Foil thickness: 40-100 um
Working capacity: up to 10 cycles / min
Package size (l × w × h): max. 500 × 450 × 350 mm
Weight t: ~ 500 kg