Automatic Packing Line AU-9

The automatic packing line consists of a through pass tunnel TF600/400/1000 and automatic packing machine AU-9. It’s designed for industrial-scale packing in thermo-shrinkable foil of different kinds for single products such articles as: bottles, jars, cans, metal and wooden materials, detergents, cosmetics etc. as well as preparing bulk containers/ cumulative packages (after adjustment) for products of different shapes.

The microprocessor controlled packing process is fully automatic. Operator’s task is to stack articles in packing arm and press button START. The machine automatically shifts articles through the foil shield to the other side of working table, then to prevent package from translocation during welding operation the pressure-fastener is started. The arm returns to initial position. Then the foil is welded and cut. The cycle ends when the pressure-fastener shifts to the upper position. The end product is a package wrapped into thermo-shrinkable foil. Repetition of above described activities, that’s stacking articles in shifting arm and pressing button START, causes repetition of the whole packing cycle and shifting former package onto tunnel belt and next to heating chamber. In the heating chamber of the tunnel high temperature causes foil shrink-wrapping on the package. The package is delivered to the receiving table after passing through the cooling system that gives the final shape of the weld.

The machine provides automatic operation with adjustable frequency of work cycles (continual operation).

The standard version of the packing line is equipped with a package counter with correction device of its value (adding and subtracting), a permanent thermal welder, an automatic foil unwrapping system (up and down) and automatic fault detector. The packing machine is adjusted in conjunction with through pass tunnels of our production.

Technical data:

Power supply: 3 × 380 V 50 Hz
Compressed air: min. 0,6 MPa
Air demand: up to 13 m3 / h
Utilization power: ~ 9 kW
Weld length: 600 mm
Foil thickness: 40-100 um
Working capacity: 5-10 cycles / min
Package size (l × w × h): max. 300 × 450 × 350 mm
Weight t: ~ 490 kg