Bottle filling machines

At JK – Maschinenbau we believe in providing our customers with a wide selection of fully- and semi-automatic bottle filling machines. Additionally, we also arranged specialised filling lines suited for a number of purposes. The solutions we offer can be used with liquid and semi-liquid or pasty products. It is worth knowing that we also manufacture devices that are able to deal with chemically aggressive, explosive or inflammable substances. On request, we can prepare ATEX filling machines as well.

Choose the best filling machine for your production process

If the scale of your production process is rather small (max. 2,000 bottles every hour), it is advised to choose a semi-automatic model, for example MXD 50/120/170, LiquiFill, AA1, DoseFill or other capping machine. The most important quality of our products is that they can be adjusted for diverse media. Moreover, you do not have to retool and modify a filling line in accordance with the production quantity. It is also worth knowing that any special training for your employees is not needed for the semi-automatic models to be operated.

If your factory works on an industrial scale, fully automatic equipment will be most feasable. The fully automatic equipment has a wide range of production steps as PET bottle blowing, rinsing, filling and capping but also labeling and printing as well as cumulative packaging.

Professional equipment for various products

So as to make our offer suitable for various clients’ needs and requirements, we create it in a diverse way. We want to provide you with the best solutions possible, hence we are always up-to-date with the innovative technologies that appear on the market and we constantly modernize the manufactured equipment. For example, our liquid bottle filling machine is able to fill the prepared containers with milk, juice or alcohol. Apart from that, you can find models prepared for ampoules and small bottles, which are the most popular among pharmaceutical companies. However, they are often applied in cosmetic and food industries as well, because they are useful to prepare promotional samples. Furthermore, there are also machines adapted to foaming materials and mascara.

Safety first

Safety matters are of the highest priority for us, therefore, while preparing our filling lines and machines, we take care of every single detail of the production process. All our offered equipment is simple to operate, that means no specialists or high qualified personnal is necessary. After a short introduction nearly every employee is able to operate the machines.

You can find more detailed information concerning our ATEX filling and capping machines or other products under the links presented below or listed in the menu.

Filling lines

The filling machine LiquiFill NU-6

This filling machine is perfect for many food products, such as milk or juice, and also for alcohol. What is more, you can safely use it with chemical, pharmaceutical or cosmetic substances and, most importantly, even with explosives. There is a possibility to enhance it with an injector.

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Mini proportioning machine AA1

Mini proportioning machine AA1 is highly appreciated mostly by the pharmaceutical industry, because it serves as a dependable glass and plastic bottle filling machine, especially for smaller containers like cosmetics samples and ampules. This machine proves useful even for viscous or foaming liquids.

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The filling machine DoseFill ND-6

This particular product is favoured mainly in factories where production includes flexible and thin-sided glass or plastic bottles. It allows you to measure out the exact quantity of a chosen product, what may be crucial for your business. Moreover, such a machine can perfectly deal with any lye or strong acid.

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Semiautomatic Piston Feeder MXD 50/120/270

The purpose of this semi-automatic machine is filling a variety of containers – jars, glasses and tubes alike. It is most widely used for food products, like mustard or honey, as well as for cosmetic creams and ointments. To provide you with the highest level of safety, all the elements are produced of acid-proof materials.

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Piston Filling Machine MXR 500 ER

The most common usages of this equipment are for household chemicals, cosmetics and food. You can freely regulate its speed and enable the bottom filling option, if necessary. It consists of two independent pumps, which can be controlled individually.

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Bottle Rinser PB1

In order to keep your glass bottles clean, you should own a high-quality rinser. This model needs one person to load and unload the nozzles, but apart from that, it works automatically, what saves a lot of time. It is worth mentioning that there are four independent collectors in it.

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Volumetric filling machine RO-1

The most important advantage of this machine is its universality. It can be easily adapted for a liquid with any level of viscosity and it can work with bottles made of various materials, also those which are thin-walled and hard to seal. What is more, it can prove useful for filling foaming substances.

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Vacuum filler RP4

This machine is strongly recommended for relatively big containers, namely with the capacity of 2-20 litres. It allows you to meet all the strict hygiene standards, thus such equipment is irreplaceable for milk, wine, juice or other liquid products associated with the food industry.

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NV- 04/s

This is a very solid machine that is able to work even in extreme conditions. For instance, it can deal with liquids of diverse levels of viscosity, as well as with dangerous substances, such as explosives. Apart from that, it can be safely used to fill bottles which are difficult to seal up and have thin sides.

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Fully automatic filling machines

Feeder MXD 1000

The feeder is able to work with jars, cans and a variety of other packaging options. It is the most popular in the food industry, particularly to work with mustard, horseradish, ketchup, etc. The adjustment of parts makes it possible for it to work with alimentary products.

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Monoblock MXDM 1800

Such a model is destined especially to fill jars with various kinds of a cosmetic cream. It is encased with screens in order to meet all the hygienic standards. So as to eliminate even the slightest amounts of bacteria, there is the ultraviolet light used for disinfecting the machine.

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Monoblock MXM 3000

MXM 3000 is destined to deal with bottles of mascara. In order to make its work fully safe, the most important area is covered with screens. The bottles and brushes must be put to a tank by someone, but the rest of the process is done automatically.

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Bottle Filler MXR 10 PER

If your business is associated with slightly thickened substances, which are non-foaming and non-carbonated, this machine will certainly prove useful. What is more, it can work with solids, such as pulverised chalk. An interesting advantage of this model is that it has a peristaltic pump and amazingly easy washing system.

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Bottling machine MXR 1000/10

PET and PCV containers will work well with this model. The only condition is that the product has to be non-foaming. You can freely regulate the doses and adapt the machine’s work to your individual needs and preferences. It is worth noticing that this equipment is adequate to deal with food.

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Bottling machine MXRN 1000

If your product is fluid, but also a bit thickened, at the same time being non-carbonated and non-foaming, this machine will be a profitable purchase for you. It works automatically and does not need any staff. All you have to do is set the right speed and adjust an accurate dose.

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Tubing machine MXTB 1500

It is a machine particularly constructed for tubes. No matter if they are made of aluminium or plastics, they can be easily filled with this model (even the laminated ones). Apart from that, it will seal every tube and place a code on it. The process is completely automatic and monitored by PLC.

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Rotary Capper MXZ 3000

It is an advanced capping machine, which works fully automatically, starting with feeding and finishing with capping. When necessary, it can constitute a part of a filling line or it may be linked with the conveyor which you already have. In order to synchronize it well, you can control the capping speed.

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