Bottle Filler MXR 10 PER

The bottle filler MXR 10 PER is designed for dispensing noncarbonated and non foaming fluid products, of slightly thickened consistence into bottles. The product may also contain solid bodies, e.g. pulverised chalk. The bottles are filled within an automatic cycle. The product is supplied by a peristaltic pump. The advantage of this solution is self-suction even in dry state, no sealings and has an extraordinary easy washing. This system makes possible filling with high accuracy without destroying the structure of the filled medium. The machine in the standard version allows adjusting filling nozzles at an angle so containers with angled neck type can be filled. The dose regulation is performed from a control panel. The working area is protected with covers.

Technical data:

Capacity: max. 3.000 bottles / h each 500 cm3
Number of filling nozzles: 10
Dispensing tolerance: 2% (depending on dose size)
Power supply: 3 × 380 V 50 Hz
Power installed: 3,5 kW
Compressed air needed: 0,8 m3 / h (with pressure of 0.5 MPa)
Bottle diameter: 40 ÷ 100 mm
Bottle height: up to 310 mm
Size (l × w × h): 1.400 × 1.000 × 2.100 mm
Weight: approx. 600 kg