MXZ 3000

Rotary Capper MXZ 3000

This capper is designed to put caps automatically on glass and plastic bottles. The whole process, beginning from the vibration feeder up to the release of the closed packing, runs fully automatic. The Capper can be offered as a single machine connected to the customers existing conveyor, or as an element of a complete filling line. Such a filling line may consist of following parts: filling machine MXR 500/6, transporter MXT, Rotary table MXS 980. An adjustable capping speed allows the capper to be synchronized with other machinery in the production line.

All parts are made of steel AISI 304. The work area is protected by screens.


Technical data:

Capacity: up to 3.000 packings / h
Power supply: 3 × 380 V 50 Hz or 220÷240 V 50 Hz
Power installed: 1,5 kW
Compressed air needed: 0,1 m3 / h (with pressure of 0.5 MPa)
Bottle diameter: 30 ÷ 100 mm
Bottle height: up to 310 mm
Size (l × w × h): 800 × 800 × 2.300 mm
Weight: approx. 250 kg