Palettierer OW-1

Palletiser OW-1

The Palletiser OW-1 is designed for the wrapping of different packings on pallets with stretch film. The stretch film protects the packings against dirt and damages through storage and transport. The transparent stretch film allows an optical check on the packings.

The Palletiser OW-1 provides the opportunity of wrapping the pallets up to 2 m height. An easy control panel enables the operating personal a simple control on the packing process and guarantees a durable tension of the stretch film.

A lift plate (as an option) conduces to a smooth loading of the Palletiser by the help of a lift truck.

Technical data:

Power supply: 3 × 380 V 50 Hz
Power output: ~ 0,7 kW
Rotary plate diameter: 1.500 mm
Stretch film vertical speed: 4 m / min
Max. loading: 1.500 kg
Max. pallet size: 1.200 × 1.200 mm
Max. loading height:: up to 2.000 mm
Capacity: 30 pallets / h
Weight: ~ 400 kg